Most fishermen decide that they want or need a boat at some point. A fishing boat can be as simple as a canoe to an expensive, elaborate yacht. The boat that you choose will depend on what type of fishing you do, where you fish, and of course how much money you have to spend on a boat. Let’s look at the choices.

Bass Boats: Bass boats are usually very fast, and sit low in the water. They may be made of aluminum or fiberglass, and typically have one or more platforms that make it easier to cast. A bass boat should also include a trolling motor on the bow. Bass boats are common for sport fishing and tournament fishing. Bass boats can be used in saltwater and freshwater. Freshwater Fishing Boats: These boats are not to be used in salt water. They are not designed to withstand the corrosion that salt water can cause. They are used in lakes, streams, and rivers. These are not powerful boats. They are typically very lightweight and made of fiberglass or aluminum. Float Tubes: Float tubes are used by flyfishermen. They are typically used in fishing ponds, lakes, and streams. It is basically a floatation device that has a seat on it. It is powered by the person sitting in the seat. He or she wears fins and kicks his or her feet to power the float tube. The two types of float tubes are traditional and pontoon.

best fishing reels.PNG

Fishermen are finding that pontoons are easier to maneuver. Pontoons may also be powered with air, and are sometimes called air boats. These types of boats work well in marshy areas as well. Saltwater Boats: Saltwater boats come in two varieties. These are offshore saltwater boats and inshore saltwater boats. Offshore saltwater boats are designed for the rough seas in the open ocean. These are very large, heavy boats that are also designed to withstand harsh weather and conditions. The boat should have a cabin, and usually has twin or single outboard motors.


They also have inboard diesel engines and are very powerful. Inshore saltwater boats are smaller and lighter than offshore saltwater boats. They are typically shorter that 25 feet, and have a single outboard motor. These are often called flat boats, and they do well in marshes and shallow water. Before you purchase a boat, really think about your needs and your choices. Shop around for the best prices, and make sure that you test drive boats before you buy!


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