Night fishing is a popular fishing time. Many people fish at night, for various reasons. Some fish at night because they work during the daylight hours. Others fish at night because they feel that the fishing is better. Some prefer the coolness and peace of night. There are many fish that come into shallower waters to feed at night as well, and some fish that are more active after dark.


Night fishing is best done when the moon is full. It can be done from a boat or from shore, and it can be done in the ocean, as well as rivers, streams, and lakes. Often, fishermen will use artificial light to attract big fish at night, but this is not allowed in all areas. Fishing in itself is a challenge, in that you can’t see what you’ve caught until you bring it up. With the darkness of night, it is even more thrilling and challenging.

Night fishing is best from April to October, with the hottest months being the absolute best time for night fishing. There are special considerations that one must undertake for night fishing, however. First, make sure that you have running lights on your boat. This is the law in most places. Make sure your boat is in top condition. Being lost on the lake is bad enough during the daytime. At night it can be – well – a nightmare. Carry two flashlights with fresh batteries, and consider carrying extra batteries as well.

Make sure that you have the right tools, such as a pair of needle nose pliers. You will also need insect repellent, as the mosquitos and such will be worse at night where there are lights. Know where everything is located in your boat. It’s not easy to find things in the darkness. You should be further prepared by fixing up flies, leaders, and rigs before you leave home. Also, get out on the lake and choose your fishing spot while it is still daylight.

Fishing at night has its advantages. If you don’t like crowded fishing areas, fish at night. If it is too hot for you during the day, fish at night. If you want bigger fish in shallower waters, fish at night.

If fishing from a boat at night, make sure that you find spots near reefs and ledges, in shallower waters. Look to the weeds for trout and big bass. Lights will draw smaller fish, which in turn draws the big fish that are preying on them. So, fish near where light shines on the water – but cast in the shadows to the side of the light for the big fish.

During Spring night fishing, you will catch smelt, bass, catfish, trout, walleye, king mackerel, shark, bullhead, and snapper. You can fish with minnows, shiners, cut bait, prepared bait, crustaceans, nightcrawlers, chums, spinners, streamers, and wet or dry flies.


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